Saturday, August 22, 2009

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  1. Nice site. Easy to use good info. I ordered and checkout no problem Thnx

    My 4yr old likes feeding your blog fish :)

  2. Hi,
    I used Oygenator model A"s for over 20 years in my reef tanks and have just ordered another one for my new reef tank of 60UK gallons.

    Please allow me to comment on my experiences using them after experimenting with different strengths of H2O2 and numbers of catalysts. I won't go into detail of just what myself and friend did while experimenting with them other than to say we pushed the limits in our reef tanks. However here are some observations we noticed using our model "A"s.

    1/ In one of our tanks we had a problem with red slime algae. Not long after using the Oxydators this went completely. I put this down to a large reduction in dissolved organics and a high oxygen content of the tank.
    2/ Both fish and inverts showed improved health and colouration.
    3/ The water was noticeably clearer and sparkled.
    4/ Our Oxydators had no detrimental effects on other equipment being used.
    5/ No effect was recorded on higher algaes (caulerpa's and the like)and in fact may have been beneficial to them.
    6/ Less detritus was noticeable within the tanks.
    7/ We were able to obtain higher levels of oxygen and at economical price than just about using any other system.

    I have used Oxydators to increase the O2 content of a quarantine tank to which a stressed fish had been added. i.e a new introduction which helped greatly to bring the fish around and back to good health. I would liken this to putting an oxygen mask on a stressed fish which is seen to be exhibiting gasping.

    In conclusion I would state that the Oxydator is often over looked by reef keepers as a valuable tool in keeping their reefs healthy.

    Thank you, I hope you find the above of some interest. In closing I have nothing to do with the this company and all the above was written with many years experience in using Oxydators.